The real brains behind the CookTek induction cooking system is our patented SmarTemp" technology. Inside every CookTek induction cooktop is a microprocessor.

The microprocessor performs many functions with the most visible being temperature control . Just beneath the glass of the cooktop is a tiny temperature sensor which connects to the microprocessor. When you set the LED display on your cooktop to a particular temperature, the microprocessor monitors it 120 times per second (that's a lot) and cycles itself on and off to maintain the desired temperature. Hands free cooking - now that's smart! Through electronic monitoring, the pan maximizer feature allows you to achieve maximum heating of any induction compatible pan you place on the cooking surface. This means even the least expensive induction pan you use will receive the same amount of energy from the cooktop.

The SmarTemp" microprocessor is so smart it even tells you if something is wrong through its self diagnostic feature. It actually monitors itself 120 times per second to see if there is any problem with overheating, line shortages or overages, blocked airflow and almost anything else you can imagine. If it detects a problem, an error code will appear in the LED window allowing you to easily diagnose any problems. The nicest thing about the SmarTemp self diagnostic feature is that you will probably never need it!